Thursday, July 12, 2007

The United Blogger Front

If you haven't already listened to Garland yet, please do.


I've got a proposal:

I propose a united blogger front. Regardless of our politics, conservative, liberal, moderate, Republican, Democrat, Independent, black, white, brown, etc. we pressure Nagin and the City Council to publicly call for Jordan's resignation. We especially focus on the City Council. They are still eligible for reelection.

I know Ash might not like getting behind Midura, but that's beside the point. We need to all, with one common voice, carpet bomb our local elected leaders until they take action on this one, very specific point.

As a united front, I propose every single one of us focus on this news story to ensure we DON'T calm down.

Also, I propose we make damned sure the city councilmen and councilwomen are reminded of their action during the next election... If they publicly call for Jordan's resignation, that we all point it out shortly before the election that, yes, they did call for his resignation. Even if we hate everything else they've done, we give them props for doing this one thing...

And if they don't...


We all commit to dig up every dirty little secret on every one of them. Fuck a hooker? Guess what, we'll be all over it and we'll spread it to news agencies all across the country. No matter what, you can't hide it from all of us. We squeal bloody murder at everyone of your missteps. I personally promise no only to vote against your opponent, but I will donate money to whoever runs against you and urge everyone I know to do the same.

We will ruin you, whatever it takes.


This won't fix the city, but it's one small, achievable goal that will make this city noticeably better. Please, join in my call.

NOTE- Minor edits for clarity and punctuation.

UPDATE- Council Members weigh in. Well, at least Midura and Fielkow. Fielkow implied he would move to withhold funds...

UPDATE 2- Harry Connick Sr. Weighs In. He basically says Jordan set himself up for failure when he fired so many of his staffers at all levels. Remember, a jury found him liable for race and age based discrimination and he has a multi-million dollar verdict sitting against him he still hasn't paid.
One white man fired by Jordan testified that he was one of the few fingerprint and ballistics experts in the district attorney's office. The résumé of the man who replaced him showed he had little experience other than being a lifeguard and doing some office work at a law firm.


Clay said...

Also, if you've got suggestions to make this "united blogger front" better, let me know.

I want this to be a "big tent" movement.

Clay said...

Oh yeah, one other thing, I am in no way taking credit for this. I give all the credit to Garland and Maitri.

Anonymous said...

"I know Ash might not like getting behind Midura"

Huh? I was at her victory party.

Anonymous said...

They should all follow Midura's lead. Asking to withdraw funds isn't enough. Everyone needs to publicly denounce Jordan. And not just the lowely bloggers but all city officials.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Give the kudos to Karen Gadbois. She got this started, she always does because she's got everyone's phone numbers and email addys in her head.

I'm still PISSED OFF at Stacey Head. The Central City murders happened in her district, and you'd think that she has a public statement up on her website, at the very least. Oh, that's probably because the murders happened on the wrong side of St. Charles and it just happens to be attached to her district. She's not getting a re-election vote from me, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

I've got another idea, in addition to BLOGGER SHOCK AND AWE.

Why don't you hold a blogger conference. Call it "Angry Tide." Invite all the local bloggers. You can hold panels to talk about your blogs & blogging, how blogging can change New Orleans, about the blog posts you've written and the blog posts you're going to write. Take pictures of other bloggers, and then afterwards, post pictures of the other bloggers on your blogs and write posts about what a great blogging conference it was and about how bloggers are united to blog New Orleans into a better blogging tomorrow.

Don't forget to blast the people who actually DO get out and try to do something as yuppie scum, like Stacy Head, who last time I checked STILL has not written a blog post about the killings in her district, thereby ipso facto rendering her yuppie racist scum.

I can't wait to read those blog posts!

Clay said...

I'm embarrassed to say this, but I mixed up councilwomen (Head/Midura).

Sorry, Ash.

Also, deleted my earlier comment. I didn't have my laptop with me.

Clay said...

Winterminute, we do have something like that. It's called Rising Tide. Here are the details on the next one:

Maitri has the details:

Anonymous said...

Don't feed the troll, Clay. He's being the sarcastic bitch he normally is.

Dad said...

I'm with you. Count me in.

Crawfish Pie said...

Clay, Hi! My name is Janet Gee. I'm a nola exile now living in aridzona & not real happy about it. I read, you, Oyster, Ashley, Chuck Taggert, alot of the lady bloggers; I stream WWOZ. IOW, I live my half life in cyberspace. I am crazy homesick. I would love to see all the bloggers make a stand; to put aside differences, disagreements etc. to fight for what is right for the people of New Orleans. I don't know if these jackasses pay attention to the blogosphere, but let them know the readership is is total agreement in our united front. Jordan has got to go. We can compromise. It is afterall the democratic process. We are Americans; not Democrats or Republicans. I'm not saying this very well, but this is the best idea I've heard since 8/27/05. Ya know the names; now let's kick some ass. Janet