Monday, November 12, 2007

Democrats in '08

So, I've been mulling over the Democrats and '08. Since I've made a few comments about some Republicans, I need to give the Democrats some love.

First off, Mary Landrieu is coming up for reelection in '08. All in all, she's been the been an excellent representative for the Pelican state and deserves to be overwhelmingly reelected.

Second off, I've been thinking about the presidential candidates. Hillary I respect, but don't like. That respect is slowly eroding, though. More and more, I'm starting to think of her as "change in name only." Or, to put in in more vulgar terms, Bush with a vagina.

I remarked a while ago that Obama sort of reminds me of FDR. He also has a track record for being on the right side before it was politically expedient (case #1: Iraq) [The cynic in me says that's an Al Gore-like trait that will almost assuredly condemn him to defeat]. He is also a great orator, which scores some serious points with me.

I like Edwards when he ran in '04 and was reluctant to take a second look at him in '08, because I wanted to just start from scratch. I remembered thinking a long time ago, 'Oh my God, I'm going to have to vote for him?!?!? [Kerry].' Anyway, I changed my mind after watching this video:

NOTE-It's about 20 minutes long. Edwards starts getting into the meat around 6:30 into the video. Skip the beginning.

Discussion on Kos. Wow. Just wow. Big brass balls. He pours his heart out and practically breaks into tears as he lays it all out. Edwards got some mad props from another local blogger... UPDATE- Make that two.

Both Edwards and Obama have given some kick ass speeches coinciding with Hillary shooting herself in the foot. Yeah for the return of oration and the rise of real change! We'll see how this works out...


omelas said...

I hardly paid any attention to the 2004 election until after we had a nominee and I'd always regretted it. But I was so annoyed that Hillary was in fact going to run on the "elect me to prove you're a feminist" ticket that I almost refused to do so again. Then I saw a blurb about Edwards announcing from New Orleans on YouTube, and watched just on that. Decided immediately that it was Edwards I would support.

mominem said...

"Obama sort of reminds me of FDR"

Which traits of FDR?

The prescient statesman capable of discerning the course of future events or the Machiavellian, manipulative politician willing to use any trick to achieve his means or the monomaniacal leader convinced the US couldn't survive without him?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I sort of wondered at the Obama/FDR thing too, but no matter, Edwards has my attention too. As I said at Ashley's, he had me at "our national shame".