Tuesday, June 5, 2007

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Hurricane Drill Canceled. Nobody knew who was responsible for the FEMA parks. This scares me. Those things are tornado magnets. Look at what happened to that poor woman in Gentilly whose FEMA trailer was smashed during that Lakeview tornado.

WE'RE #1! We're #1! #1 most murderous small city in America.

Ethanol Shortage Might Fuel Shortage of Tequila. GOOD!

Hippies turn on gutter punks in Haight-Ashbury. As a former resident of the Marigny and current resident of the Quarter, I sympathize.

More on the Elliot's Bust. Great quote: “It’s like peeing in the Gulf of Mexico,” Scharf said. “Statistically, that strategy in itself is unlikely to have a major impact on violent crime.”

Another one of C. Ray's crazy schemes. Use National Guard choppers to hunt thugs. I'm sure the National Guard loves that idea. Maybe if you quit spending our tax dollars on stupid shit, we could buy our own. Or maybe hire veteran cops who know how to police...

Many Evacuees Still Jobless. Combine this with C. Ray and Jefferson, and you get the "let the fuckers drown" mentality that is so prevalent around the country. Also, you burn through all the money that was allocated without making any permanent repairs.

Great article about coastal restoration programs at UNO. Are you listening, Tulane? Cowen? Altiero? Anybody?

Fans go Nuts for Jericho. Go get 'em! I love Jericho and was pissed when it was canceled. CBS stands for 'Cancel the Best Show.'

Houston Oil Companies Encouraging Employees to Bike to Work. I'm (mostly) an oil worker. I bike to work. I wish my company would enact some of these benefits. I get SO much crap for biking to work. Just about everyone else has a crew cab pickup truck. They give this one Cooper-Mini-driving engineer a bad enough time. When they learned I biked to work, it's been nonstop razing ever since.

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Leigh C. said...

Dammit, I would give anything to be able to bike to work these days. Then again, I would also give anything to have longer legs so that I could stop on the bike without having to stand on a nearby curb....

Houston is HUGE, though. I used to bike around it a lot growing up there, and it wasn't easy. Unless both the oil bidness AND one's home are located along the Bayou Bike trails, though, a car is still the most feasible way to get around the city. Houstonians would do better to fight for a waaay better public transportation system than what they've got now.