Monday, June 4, 2007

Dollar Bill Nailed!

William Jefferson Indicted.

This is huge. I honestly hope they don't plea deal this one out. The Feds are claiming 11 different bribery cases. I hope they go into every single lurid detail in a court of law. Also, they need to lock up as many of his clan members as possible.

BTW- This photo is from "The Jefferson Report," a propaganda rag sent to my mailbox. The mailing was "prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense," therefore, I get to use it for whatever I want. American taxpayers hold the copyright for the document. Suck it!

UPDATE- I was working on a powerpoint presentation a while ago. I had hoped to have it finished by the time he was indicted, but I got busy and there was never really any news on him, so I slacked off.

Here's one of the slides I did finish. Take a close look. And this isn't even CLOSE to being comprehensive.

Dollar Bill is more akin to Tony Soprano than Tom DeLay. DeLay, Randal Cunningham, and crew were your average, run of the mill crooked pols. Efficient and proficient pols (when it comes to being crooked, not being good politicians), but Dollar Bill is a whole different kind of animal. The Feds indicted him on 11 different schemes!!! They whipped out RICO on his ass. I hope they take down as many of his relatives and connections as they possibly can.

Dear God:

Please let the Feds indict Eddie Jordan as part of the William Jefferson raid. You'll save many innocent lives in the process.



Clay said...

I haven't had time to organize things, but here's a sample of all sorts of dirt I've found on the internet:

Jason Brad Berry said...

Jordan isn't next.....Mos is. Mos is going down with his bro...mark my word...he's next.

Clay said...

There are a lot more people in the firing line. I have no doubt some of his closer relatives are next. Eddie Jordan is a $Bill ally, so he's on the radar. I'm just hoping he gets a missile lobbed his way before the Feds decide they've done enough.