Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Republican Debate

I've been watching the Republican Debate and there are only 2 candidates that aren't bat-shit insane: Ron Paul and John McCain. Those are the only two candidates that are worth a shit. I had maybe thought about Tommy Thompson and Rudy and they're both crap. Rudy is SLEAZE! I can't believe he's a candidate. If I were the Democratic opponent, I'd just stick a camera in front of his face for 30 minutes and let him rant. He'll shoot himself in the foot so many times, he'll make Nagin jealous.

Ron Paul and John McCain both project respect, though. They're real Republicans, not Bushie thugs. As a middle of the road guy, I'd have no problem voting for either of them.


Anonymous said...

Now you also have to consider the candidate who plays an character on TV who actually does something, unlike the real character, who acted like Capitol Hill was a country club stepping stone to his next gig in Hollywood.

TravelingMermaid said...

Just curious....what's your beef with Thompson?

I just cannot stomach McCain....war-monger.

Clay said...

Thompson is just, well, eh. Not really impressive. Don't really have anything beyond that right now.

My support for McCain is based mostly off his past. I read his book, followed him very closely back in 2000, and have really respected him over the years. I know it seems like he's been brainwashed by Bush recently, but I'm going off years of respect and admiration for the man. I vote for the man, not the positions.

I'd also like Chuck Hagel if he decided to jump into the race.