Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Danger in the Marigny

YET ANOTHER MARIGNY RESIDENT MURDERED. Well, the Bywater. Close enough in my book.

Here's a post about him I found on's Marigny forum:

12524. murder on sunday was from bywater!
by rustypelican, 6/20/07 1:54 ET
our dear friend chris roberts,well know for his motorcycle work with Confederate Custom Motorcycles was shot and killed around 1900 block of esplanade ,sunday evening, and we all just found out tonight. he had allegedly been jacked for his motorcycle and shot. unfortunately the only bit of news we could find about this was at the bottom of the article of a murdered drug dealer in Sundays shootings. Chris was a sweet, hard working man that was very respectable and a genuine person, 33 years old, heavily tattooed, and was a genius when it came to electrical wiring on motorbikes. since Confederate Motorcycles moved to Birmingham, he was since working at fiorellis. I can't speculate why there wasn't more attention drawn to this in the news, and it really saddens me to think that Chris was not given anything more than a few lines at the bottom of an article about a scumbag drug dealer. Even if you didn't know him, you should still be aware of what happened and is happening in this city. People, don't let the news desensitize you... it isn't just the drug dealers killing each other off. They are killing us off as well. [emphasis mine] Chris had a young child and our hearts go out to his family. please post any info as it comes about.

Read the PATHETIC attempt at coverage the paper makes It wouldn't surprise me one bit the paper is trying to squelch this one.

Also, I found this warning:

12530. Crime Alert-- NOPD seeking suspect
by noPlanning, 6/20/07 12:00 ET
There was a patrol car nr. Pauger St. and N. Rampart in the Marigny on Wed. AM; According to neighbors the NOPD is seeking a homicide suspect as follows:

white guy with scraggly hair-- age maybe 30's, but apparently he appears older than that due to his... activities. Seen wearing a plaid shirt, open, and a tattoo on his front (as in stomach/ chest.)

Just passing it along... The crime which he was involved in apparently happened in NOE (but he was evidently spotted in the Marigny.)

How can we get the MSM to notice this murder and at least put together a decent story? Hmmm. I've got an idea...


EDIT- I just got a great response from the author of the Times-Pic article. NOPD didn't issue a press release about the murder. The cops haven't released any real information, so there wasn't much he could do about it at the moment. He's working on something, but he needs responses by tomorrow for him to finish up the piece. If you knew Chris, please contact the author. His contact info is below.

Walt Philbin can be reached at or (504) 826-3302.

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