Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Change Can Happen...

A couple of little vignettes:

The person in the story at the end of this post talking about how he's warming to Obama for being the first president in a generation to really give a shit about organized labor.

On my walk to Deanie's for lunch, a black limo driver and a white construction worker having an honest debate about Israel & Palestine. Both were calm, were reasonably in the ballpark with their facts, and were respectful of the other's positions, even if they disagreed.

There are some more I could write, but I don't want to embarrass particular people. People can change. All I'll say is I think the national IQ went up yesterday by a couple of points.

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jeffrey said...

Meanwhile on Tuesday night I almost got us into a bar fight because one of the patrons sitting near me said, "Don't you think Obama looks kind of like a monkey?" before delivering a JoeThePlumberesque lecture on how she didn't think it was right for her taxes to go up and disincentivize her contribution to society. (She is a bartender, BTW)