Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Went to Benjamin Button last night at The Prytania. The ending induced serious Katrina flashbacks for New Orleanians, though. Half the theater was crying at the end and you could hear the sobs of the lower level all the way up on the balcony.

Incredible movie. Two thumbs up. Spoilers in comments.


Clay said...

The movie was pretty long, but it didn't feel like it was filled with fat.

The acting was just incredible.

The accents and the scenery was fantastic. Loved looking for New Orleans hotspots. They even got details like the address on Napoleon right.

The scene with the water washing over the clock gave me chills. As did the old people in the hospital...

Tim said...

A great movie. We also enjoyed seeing the sights of New Orleans. I think they shot the Paris and New York scenes here, too. I'm pretty sure the exterior scenes in Russia were probably not filmed here.

I didn't notice how long it was until I looked at the time afterwards.

A very interesting way of looking at life. I told my Darling Wife I think it's a science fiction movie but she just gave me a funny look.



Anonymous said...

Cate Blanchett with a southern accent FTW; but Benjamin Button kept dragging on, always pausing dramatically on Brad Pitt's face, a lot like Meet Joe Black, FTL