Sunday, January 4, 2009

News of the day - New Year's Edition

In world news:
Speaking of gas, a good overview of the Ukraine/Russian oil spat. Neither side can survive without the other and they both know it.

Propaganda in the Israeli/Gaza operation. Anyone who says propaganda isn't all over the place during a war (in fact, most of what you see is propaganda) is either stupid or an intelligence officer spreading propaganda.

Acid attackers go after female engineering students... AND ARE SHOT DEAD!

How to make a billion lives better. Simple, ridiculously cheap glasses that are adjustable in the field, not requiring an optometrist. Speaking of inventions, man uses Prius as emergency generator. Great thinking. Will Prii become the next must-have item for riding out a hurricane?

US News:

So-Cal woman calls 911 while stuck on tracks. Train hits her while she's waiting for help. Darwin award?

CNN spends hardly any time at all talking about the coal ash spill because of their advertisers. The only thing special I know about coal ash (also known as fly ash) is that they sometimes use it as a substitute in concrete partially because of the huge carbon footprint of cement plants.

More video of the spill:

Alberto Gonzalez to write tell-all book about everything he can't recall. The jokes for this one are just too easy.

Zbigniew Brzezinski gets into it with Joe Scarborough Also, it seems Joe might have a Chappaquiddick problem.

US convicts Charles Taylor, former president of Liberia, for sponsoring torture under his watch. Interesting prospects for Bush.

Chicago School of Economics, RIP.

Hank Paulson and son sucking on the taxpayer teat. Paulson, CNBC's Man of the Year? (Actually, no, it was Bernanke, but CNBC doesn't think that shorting his own companies financial products should disqualify him.)

The year in dumb business moves.

Old article about New York City on the brink of bankruptcy. Worth a read, given the tenuous standing of many local and state governments. I'm looking at you, Governator.


Another Republican (this one a parole board member that had it out for sex offenders) arrested for trying to have sex with little kiddies.

Using crime cameras for pranks. Beware, though: the authorities don't like it when you play sneaky.


NOPD gets Tasers for Christmas? Don't taze me, breaux?

Forgot to get someone a Christmas gift? Try a sample of Aerogel for $45. I could also suggest this for the Pikes.

Happy new year!

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