Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tet 2009

Spring Rolls, the old standby.
Went to the Tet celebrations at Mary Queen of Vietnam in New Orleans East tonight.

I'm stuffed. We ate Bahn Mi (Vietnamese Po-Boys), egg rolls, fried plantains, spring rolls, pickled beef, and Pho Tai.

ASSORTED Pig Intestine. Yummy.

Pickled Beef. VERY hot.

Nuns help out

Giant Wok of Goodness. Fried Plantains inside.

Rest of the photos here.


Kevin Allman said...

Cool photos, Clay. I'm going to the Tet festival tomorrow with an empty stomach.

Clay said...

Don't miss the Plantains and the Bahn Mi. You can skip the pickled beef.

Kevin Allman said...

I ate everything - the lemongrass shishkebob were great - and came home with a sack of 5 banh mi for $15.

Man, those kids love Silly String.

Clay said...

How about the singers? They're entertaining, I'll give them that. Last night, they had Michael Jackson look-alike/Karaoke thing going for a while.

Kevin Allman said...

I liked the singers! Saw a sweet teenage girl do fluffy girl-pop, then a Vietnamese rap duo, a boy-band type soloist, a freak-dance group, and a couple of karaoke performances, all in Vietnamese.

Oh, and one band that did Creedence Clearwater Revival, right in the middle of all of it.